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Pamper Yourself with the Perfect Maternity Robes for Hospital and Home

Whether you’re pregnant, getting married or just looking for the perfect robe to wear around the house, Posy specialises in creating designs that make all those who wear them look and feel amazing. Available in a wide range of beautiful designs, – including floral, lace and silk – we can also customise any of our options to suit your specific vision.

Shop our range today to see why our robes are so loved by all those who wear them.

Maternity robes made from the finest fabrics

Our designs combine quality, comfort and fashion to provide you with a beautiful item that you can wear and cherish for years. Made from the finest fabrics available, we make sure that each of our robes looks and feels amazing each and every time you wear it. This means that whether you’re lounging around at home or awaiting the arrival of the newest addition to your family, you will feel truly special in one of our comfortable custom made robes.

Creating custom designs to suit your unique style

At Posy, we know that one style doesn’t fit all. That’s why we specialise in creating a wide range of beautiful options based on your specific requirements. Whether you find something you love amongst our existing range of lace, silk or floral designs or are looking to have your vision brought to life with our custom made options, we guarantee that you will feel your best when you’re in one of our maternity robes. And for those women who are tying the knot and want to add a personal touch that they can cherish forever, our bridal robes add the sweetest detail to your big day.

Shop our collection today

If you’re eagerly awaiting your bundle of joy, shop our range of maternity robes for home and the hospital in our online store today. We offer fast shipping anywhere in Australia and throughout the world.

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