8 Things To Remember On Your Wedding Day

Having nightmares about what might go wrong on your wedding day? Despite your best efforts to have everything under control during this special time, it can be difficult to remember everything.We have listed our top eight things that brides forget on their wedding day. These quick and easy solutions will help put your mind at ease.


1. To eat

Seems fairly straight forward right? Except it’s not. Waking up with nervous excitement teamed with the early start time and getting ready, many brides leave eating as a last priority. That is until you are feeling faint during the ceremony or whilst taking family photos. Pre-planning by ordering your breakfast and fruit salad or muesli will keep you refuelled for the day ahead. Consider making it easy and ordering UBER Eats if you are getting ready at home or room service if you are in a hotel. Whilst at the reception make sure you take a moment to sit down to eat and try the incredible food you have chosen for the night. wedding day tips
Make sure your wedding reception meal isn't your first meal of the day! I

2. Your vows

One of the most common things brides forget on their wedding day is their vows, especially if you they written their own. Be sure to write them down (sounds silly but it's very common to forget them if you try to memorise them) and ask a bridesmaid to carry them during the ceremony. She can quickly give them to you when it's and you don’t need to be constantly remembering where you put them.

3. Hair and makeup touch ups

Your wedding hair and makeup looks incredible when it is freshly done, however as the day progresses your hair and makeup might move, especially if it's hot or windy. Get your artist to pack you a small touch up kit that you can use throughout the day that contains concealer and your lipstick or lip colour to maintain your look all day. Be sure to only use waterproof mascara as well -those happy tears might catch you off guard. wedding day tips

4. Emergency kit

You never know what might go wrong on your wedding day, so bringing along an emergency kit is a great way to be prepared for any bridal emergency. Consider putting together an emergency kit that includes Bandaids, Panadol, tissues, a small sewing kit and deodorant. Ask your bridesmaid or friend to keep this on hand. Sephora stocks a custom made one, if you don't mind having it shipped from the U.S.

5. To take some time out with your new spouse

You are finally married! Make sure you sneak off for a few minutes for some alone time with your new partner. The day goes by so incredibly fast so it’s important to stay present and enjoy this moment. This might mean just a quick walk outside into the fresh air with no-one else. wedding day tips

6. Wear comfy shoes

Although your Jimmy Choo shoes look killer, no doubt your feet will be in a lot of pain eight hours into the day, so make sure you bring a pair of comfortable shoes or even flats to change into. Everyone wants to dance the night away, and yet it is so common to see those incredible shoes to the side of the dance floor and brides left with blackened feet. Back up shoes mean you can enjoy the moment on the dance floor with your family and friends. wedding day tips

7. Wear the right underwear

A misconception for undergarments on your wedding day is to wear your sexy lingerie under your dress, however comfort is key on your wedding day. We recommend something that is nude and seamless which will help to avoid lines under your gown. You can still sneak off before your go back to your room to quickly change if you want to reveal your sexy little number later.

8. Thank your parents and wedding party

These people have been behind you during most of life in addition to planning the wedding, so it is important to take the opportunity to have a private moment with your family and wedding party to express your gratitude for them. They have been through the whole process with you so giving them a hug or sharing a dance with them will make them feel like you truly appreciated everything they did for you. wedding day tips     Blog written by Sophie Westley for Mamamia  Sophie Westley is the Founder and Style Director of Love Find Co, a bridal destination featuring Australian and international bridal designers. You can see more of her work on the Love Find Co Instagram account.
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