The Role Of The Maid Of Honour  

The Role Of The Maid Of Honour  

Everyone has heard of the standard duties carried out by the maid of honour, from over exaggerated accounts in movies and hand-me-down instances, to the firsthand experiences. We’re all aware that the role is no simple feat. However, while it’s necessary for the maid of honour to hold the bouquet and help with the wedding dress, there is far more than the cosmopolitan account that’s been repeated to us.

The duties of the maid of honour can seem arcane, especially in regards to the events prior to and leading up to the wedding. Hence, the maid of honour has to be particularly assertive in her role for the pre-wedding activities. 

The role of the Maid of honour  

When it comes to the events preceding the wedding, such as the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, hen’s night, morning photo shoot, and the optional bridesmaid luncheon, the maid of honour has to be at the top of her game. 

Though she may not be able to attend every event, it is central in the role of the maid of honour, to exceed expectations and put in the extra mile. She will be the second in charge and assist in leading guests, conversations, preparations, and more. The maid of honour will also pilot the bridesmaids and play the mediator if the occasion arises.

Since the bride is already immersed with the wedding preparations, the guest list, and the family, the last thing she needs is to organize other events before the big day. The maid of honour will be the wedding planner where and when the wedding planner is unable to exercise their skills and expertise. 

Remember, the role of maid of honour is not for the faint hearted!

Bridal Showers

The bridal shower is one of the pre-wedding events which can be handled entirely by the maid of honour. Even if she does not play the host, she needs to be proactive and ask for shared responsibility. The maid of honour should be arranging the venue, sending invitations and organizing the food and activities, or at the very least assisting throughout.

The maid of honour should take some of the burden off the bride.  

Hen’s Parties

The Hen’s party is a definite must-do on the maid of honour responsibilities list. It’s one of the only pre-wedding events where formality and etiquette can be traded for private inside jokes and openness with close friends. 

Although most of the night may be a blur in the morning hours, the venue and the activities should be investigated and double-checked beforehand. It’s the maid of honours duty to ensure that the bachelorette party isn’t ebbing into mediocrity. 

It’s the bride’s last crazy stint before the big day, don’t let it go to waste!

Morning of the Wedding

When the day finally arrives, and people seem to be scrambling from left to right while the bride sits in a chair with her hair and makeup done, wanning into a bundle of nerves. It’s up to the maid of honour to distract and calm her. 

The bride will need the support from the maid of honour to fight the wedding day jitters. So light a candle, put on some music and dance a little, find a way to help her relax.


During the reception, the bride will not be able to attend to every query or problem that occurs. Nor should she have to, it is her special day after all.

The maid of honour can take on some of the tasks, including; directing guests and answering enquiries, looking over the guest book, resolving any issues that arise, and making sure that the day passes without a hitch.

But through it all, don’t forget to dance, drink and enjoy yourself.

Taking a portion of the burden

At the end of the day, the maid of honour simply does what best friends do best: help ease the load on your shoulders.

Whether the bride needs emotional support or assistance with her duties and decisions, the maid of honour must be there with a smile on her face. 

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