We l-o-v-e nudes which is why our latest peony collection is all about natural shades and subtle hues, it's timeless, elegant and a perfect way to blend with your wedding colour palette. 

'Peony Love' is available in a white base pajama set which is perfect for the bride, as well as nude/beige pajama set that compliments perfectly for the bridal party.
If you prefer the traditional white bridal robe but looking for something with an extra touch, the white peony robe would be an ideal choice. We also offer the peony robe in the natural nude/beige colour also to ensure you stand out from your bride tribe. 

Our inspiration for the collection draws from our love of peonies; we love them so much we wanted to share some fun facts..... Did you know peonies can grow to approximately 10cm in diameter which is like a large cabbage. If they are freshly picked, they can last up to 7 days.  Peonies were originally culviated in China and known as 'Sho Yu' which translates in English to "Most Beautiful".

Peony bouquets are an absolute favourite choice for brides, thanks to their dreamy, soft, and romantic petals. Peonies are thought to bring good fortune and prosperity, which makes them a perfect choice for any bridal party and wedding celebration. 

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